West Atlantic

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Wilderness in the middle of warm turquoise water.


This archipelago, composed of about a hundred islands and islets right at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, gives you the chance to explore Nature at its finest. The archipelago is divided in three political entities: the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Puerto Rico which is officially associated with the USA. Step foot on those paradise-like islands and let Nature guide you through exceptional sites. Take some time to chill out on a nice white sand beach or book a tour on a wonderful hiking track, you will always find a great activity in the Virgin Islands.

Drop the anchor on Tortola Island and take a seat in a local restaurant in Cane Garden Bay, then enjoy the great hiking tracks available in the Sage Mountain Park to see the most beautiful view spots of the archipelago. Visit Norman Island and its caves, book a snorkelling session and take your time to discover the diversity of a rich marine fauna and flora. Step foot on Virgin Gorda Island and walk through the Devil’s Bay Park. This National Park offers some stupefying views and hiking tracks between huge rocks.

Saint-Thomas Island is located on the American part of the Virgin Islands. It is known for its various natural spots, but it is also quite renowned to be attractive to a luxurious population of tourists. Enjoy the beaches and bays to tan your skin, or but a ticket to visit the Tillet Gardens Art Centre, which is filled with contemporary art pieces. Saint-John Island’s National Park receives tourists from all around the world who want to be amazed by Nature and what it has to offer, whether it is on the ground or under water. Some ancient sugar plantations are also available to tour.

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