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People use to say that freedom is the greatest wealth. Owning a yacht is one of the best chances to experience it as it will give you the opportunity to discover the world’s treasures whenever you want.

When it comes to purchasing a yacht, you will face an overwhelming range of options. At this stage the assistance of a professional yacht broker is most critical. Our brokers have strong industry knowledge and are able to analyze your requirements such as style, size, operations (private or charter) and also to support you through the whole purchasing process. Yacht for sale, click here. 

  • Designer & naval architect selection
  • Shipyard selection
  • Legal & contract issue
  • Build classification & equipment advice
  • Full project management & on-site follow-up
  • Assistance with after delivery warranty &
  • Crew selection
  • Worldwide search for yachts which meet your requirements
  • Appraisal and valuation
  • Surveyor selection
  • Assistance in sea trials
  • Drafting & negotiating legal agreements
  • Registration and/or licenses
  • Crew selection, insurance, working contract and flag/diploma compliance

Sell your yacht

The market of pre-owned yachts is international and a timely and successful sale depends on disseminating information to the widest international audience possible. Because of our international vision and strong relationship with other yacht brokers we significantly increase chances of a successful sale.

Aqua Marine will assist you with appraisal and valuation and negotiating sale based on our market knowledge and prior transactions. We will promote your yacht through our website, luxury brochure, emailing campaigns, specialized magazines, social media, exhibitions and international boat shows.

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