Eastern Mediterranean



Discovering the “Turquoise Coast” through Marmaris, Bodrum, Izmir and Göcek.

Looking for a change of scenery? Embark on an amazing journey to the Turkish shoreline and visit some historical crossroads. Marmaris, Bordum, Izmir, Göcek… All these great ports will offer you some incredible landscapes and will leave you absolutely stunned. Bordered by the turquoise colour of the Mediterranean Sea, these east-meet-west ancient places look like true postal cards.

Apart from dropping the anchor on some of the most beautiful beaches and spending time chilling in the blue azure water, Marmaris also offers the best immersion into Nature. For adventurous people, put your hiking shoes and get astonished by extraordinary viewpoints along the Turquoise Trail. Give yourself the chance to visit Günnücek National Park or take a seat on a Jeep Safari through the mountains and the hills of Marmaris.

Bodrum is also a nice place to stay and visit for a few days. Drop the anchor and take some time to go sightseeing. Visit some very interesting archaeological museums and take a ticket to go inside Bodrum Castle, vestige from the ancient Mediterranean architecture. Have a chill day and sip a cocktail on the Yelken Beach or go on a hike around the various trail tracks; you will find activities for everyone in Bodrum.

Next stops: Izmir and Göcek. In Izmir, you will get the chance to visit many vestiges of ancient cities, castles, and settlements, last remains of the Antiquity. Considered as a natural treasure, take some time to visit Izmir’s famous natural parks and lakes and take part in summer cultural Festivals. Göcek is the perfect maritime spot if you want to stay on your boat and have a look at this “natural marina”, where you will find the best beaches to chill on and the most wonderful coves to explore.

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