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The American “Sunshine State

Located on the south-east of the United States of America, Florida is a state which attracts a lot of tourists. Not only American citizens coming from other states, but also foreigners who want to discover this quite famous area of the country. Particularly known for its tropical and subtropical climate, Florida welcomes all kind of tourists, either coming by airplane, car, or boat. Drop the anchor on one of the ports surrounding the peninsula and begin a journey full of sunshine, fun and at the heart of Nature.

Take a day or two to visit wonderful Miami and its beaches! This emblematic and festive city will offer you the opportunity to discover the various neighbourhoods, all strongly tied with the Cuban culture, due to the presence of a large Cuban community. This cultural diversity makes Miami a great place to have fun, both in the daylight and at night. After the sunset, the city opens all the clubs, bars, and restaurants for everybody to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in Nature with a visit of the world-known Everglades. Hop on a Hovercraft and make some astonishing encounters with alligators, turtles, birds… Discover the richness of the Everglades’ fauna and flora with an exceptional tour. If you are willing to find out more about Nature in Florida, scuba diving activity in the Keys islands gives you the chance to appreciate the marine ecosystem of Florida.

Finish your journey with a few days in the famous amusement parks of Orlando! Even if the city has a lot of cultural attractions to offer, Orlando is renowned for being the place where the magic happens. Walt Disney World, the Universal Studios, Sea World Orlando, and other amusement parks are opened to visitors of all ages and from all around the globe.

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