Eastern Mediterranean




This archipelago’s name literally means “twelve islands”. So, take your pick! In the south-eastern Aegean Sea, off the coasts of Crete and Turkey, these remote Greek islands however hold some of Greece and the world’s most prized heritage. Stop by the Acropolis of Rhodes, an island that once hosted one of the seven wonders of the ancient world: the Colossus. Do not miss its awe-inspiring and mostly intact Byzantine fortifications in the Medieval Old Town for a trip through time and history. But the island, the second most visited Greek destination, has more than its venerable vestiges to offer: take in the sights at the Rhodes harbour or the Kameiros Skala Dock, or climb its slopes to get a bird’s eye view of charming villages like Monolithos and its castle claimed by vegetation, Ialysos and its Filerimos Monastery, Archangelos and its Archangel Michael’s Orthodox church bell tower, Lindos and its Acropolis or Saint Paul’s Bay.

Moving away from the biggest island in the area, you can also set sail for the second largest, Karpathos, and its stunning pristine white port in Pigadia. The birthplace of the sea-god Proteus also has charming villages like Diafáni in a valley or Olymbos and Menetés on mountains. Further still in the smaller islands, Kalymnos and the surrounding area also have a lot to offer, such as its stunning rocky landscapes like in Sektor Arhi or the small port of Vathys. Do not forget to grab one of the island’s popular natural sponges, harvested from the sea bed. The area around Kos is also a sight to behold with its pearly beaches and quaint villages.

Finally, head to Patmos and watch out for its imposing Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, which looks like a fortress to the uninitiated. And while you are roaming the Greek seas, why not try one of the renowned local dishes such as avranies (a healthy salad with asparagus), pitaroudia (Greece’s answer to falafels) or octopus fritters?

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