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Croatia has become a popular spot for tourism, especially nautical. An inevitable outcome given its astonishing azure waters and awe-inspiring nature parks. From northernmost Pazin and Rijeka to southernmost Dubrovnik, discover the Balkan side of the Mediterranean. Why not start with a tour of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, seen from the city walls? And when you are done admiring the pearl of the Adriatic (which is also King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, you cannot mistake those beautiful, towering walls and medieval architecture), why not delve into its streets to admire its stunning landmarks, such as Sponza Palace, which houses the National Archives; the Rector’s Palace, a Gothic-Renaissance building with fine ornamentation; the Saint Saviour Church or the Bell Tower.

A little to the north, you can also arrive in Split from its La Riva port and enjoy its quiet waters and sturdy palm trees. The city itself also has marvellous historic monuments such as Diocletian’s Palace or the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. However, Croatia is not all medieval architecture and History: set sail for Šibenik-Knin County to take in the astonishing natural landscapes of Croatia – especially in Krka National Park, renowned for its lush green waterfalls. Northwards still, head on to Zadar, and discover oddities such as the Sea organ, an architectural object that also serves as a gigantic experimental music instrument (which plays music thanks to the sea waves hitting tubes underneath its large marble steps); or the Greetings to the Sun, a representation of the solar system that lights up when the sun goes down. More classical landmarks include the Zadar Land City Gates, the Cathedral or the Zrmanja Natural Park.

Last but not least, the city of Rijeka, all the way up north, has splendid beaches and a ravishing river runs through it, the Rječina. Rijeka is a picturesque yet lively town with a few obligatory landmarks such as the Korzo, the museum, the Trsat Castle, the Modello Palace or the National Theater. And if you are looking for more nature and open sea, why not head on to the Croatian islands off the coast, such as Krk, Hvar or Pag?

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