West Mediterranean



The Mediterranean gem:

In between the French and Italian shorelines, discover what this 9 000-km² island has to offer. This rocky land seems to be rising out of the sea and gives some stunning viewpoints to its visitors. Step foot on this island which is full of traditions and let the Corsican hills become your own playground for the time of your stay. Get yourself an isolated beach for the day and drop your anchor on one of the numerous beaches along the coastlines of the island and enjoy this nice azure blue water.

Among the treasures you will find on your way, discover Ajaccio, the capital of the island and the city where the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the 18th century. The Corsican culture is quite rich and involves many historical monuments, including the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption in the capital of the island and the various citadels scattered around the land. Calvi, a true reference port for visitors with yachts, is another key element of the Corsican culture. As many other cities of the island, Calvi has been built right down on the hill, offering a landscape which can be compared to a postcard picture.

Keeper of both its natural and cultural heritage, Corsica will make you spend unforgettable moments. Spend the day in the wonderful Natural Reserve of Scandola, which is meant to preserve the local fauna and flora. The GR20 track and its 200km pathway will offer to the most athletic people, an exceptional hiking experience. Find your way through the picturesque villages and small cities scattered all over the island and get the chance to listen to traditional sacred songs, sung by Corsicans. Before leaving the island, it’s worth trying its famous gastronomy with some cheese, some charcuterie, together with a glass of wine.

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