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The Balearic Islands have become a widely popular travelling spot. But do not reduce its popularity to its vibrant nightlife, or Ibiza’s crazed parties for its blue emerald waters hold many jewels that remain out of reach unless you travel in style – in one of our yachts for instance. Make the most of that freedom to roam the Mediterranean Sea by visiting some of Spain’s most beautiful islands. Like the southernmost island of Formentera, renowned across Europe for its pristine white beaches like Trucadors and the Island of Espalmador. But do not overlook its local monuments like the Church in Sant Francesc.

Ibiza itself is rich with quaint sights such as its sleepy bays and typical churches like the Puig de Missa. Or you could see Santa Ponsa and its charming beaches. Enjoy a quiet walk along the shoreline in the sunset. It is also famous for its golf courses and its Yacht Club. Santa Ponsa and the village of Magaluf close by are also hotspots for partying in the evening. You can also cast off for Palma de Mallorca in the south of Mallorca (the central and largest Balearic Island), and come upon its majestic churches like Sant Nicolau, Sant Eulalia the Palma Cathedral La Seu, or its breath-taking palaces such as the Royal Palace of La Almudaina or the Bellver Castle. Do not forget to visit Palma’s Silk Exchange as well, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, and the lighthouse of Porto Pí or its unavoidable Plaça d’Espanya.

And on the northernmost side of the Balearic Islands, discover Menorca, a paradisiacal island with thriving flora and fauna. Enjoy one of the famous local “Pomadas” (gin mixed with lemonade or bitter lemon), drunk during local “festes” honouring towns’ patron saints. Its capital Port Mahon has one of the longest natural harbours in the world (5 kilometres long and up to 900 metres wide) and is renowned for its local cheese and mayonnaise (which allegedly originated it). Take a tour of the Royal Navy Dockyard ruins in the city or its Martello towers, before setting sail around the island, to relax in remote, peaceful coves such as the Cala Trebalúger or Galdana, some of which feel like true pirate coves, with hand-hewn entrances to caves in the cliffs.

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