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Asia – Visiting two tropical jewels: Indonesia and Thailand.

When people are looking for exotic places to go to when on vacations, they tend to think about Indonesia or Thailand. These Asian countries have a lot to offer to tourists. Thanks to their cultural richness, people seem to be totally escaping from their daily lives. This change of scenery gives them the occasion to discover new traditions. Today, the two countries are true references in the tourism industry.

When sailing to Thailand, people are mainly thinking about relaxing. They want to lie on a beach for a few days and chill out, not thinking about anything. Phuket is the perfect place for this. Drop the anchor, feel the sand under your feet and immerse yourself in the warm and clear blue water. Snorkelling sessions can also be booked to discover the diversity of the marine life. For the most adventurous, you might want to dive a bit deeper in the sea to get a chance to swim with sharks and manta rays. Take a seat in one of the restaurants and have a taste of the local gastronomy. Going on a hike is also possible since many different tracks are opened for people who like to discover beautiful landscapes and hidden treasures.

Indonesia is a country composed of a multitude of small islands. Sailing on your boat is then a perfect way to discover this wild and unique country. Java, one of the islands that need to be visited, is known to house the highest number of people in the country and is worth exploring after dropping the anchor. Bali, another island, is particularly known to be culturally and spiritually rich. A lot of people go there to experience a spiritual retreat. Sumatra, Komodo, Florès… Just step foot an Indonesian island to explore all its wonders.

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